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BLU    BLAK: Blue Holes | scraps from the archives
//:\  this exhibition is an archived collection of almanac entries, myth making, portraiture & arranged objects pulled from the Blue Hole. BLU   BLAK looks at the surfaces & meanings of things lost and discovered in the diaspora. It examines the use of myths as both weapon and shield.

Blue holes are where black memories are hidden and housed. I first learned of physical blue holes through my uncle who told tall tales of bottomless water sources that swallowed coca cola trucks and little children whole. I imagine Blue Holes as interconnected water portals that our ancestors escaped within during the transatlantic middle passage to find their kinfolk in the shadowy land of chattel slavery. Blue Holes are the spaces Zora Neal Hurston traveled in her anthropological studies of the Caribbean balmyards. Blue Holes are where my great grandmother, a healer and midwife, stored her medicinal blue baths. Blue Holes are where the post reconstruction Atlanta black laundresses placed their organizing strategies. Blue Holes are access points to examine the political reshaping of Black identity.
BLU BLAK is an Hollerin Space production. 
Soundscapes, video created by Muthi Reed
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